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Manage Your Audio Library With Ease!

Alchemy Desktop is a touch friendly interface to Signalyst HQPlayer, which enables you to easily browse your library by artist or folder structure.

  • Albums can be grouped by artist or as a folder structure. Multiple library folder locations can be displayed simultaneously.
  • Library view can be collapsed to show only artists for quick scrolling. Individiual artists can be expanded to show albums for that artist.
  • Share your music library between users or other computers on the network.
  • Auto-select HQPlayer filters based on sample rate, genre or customized for individual albums or playlists.
  • Playlists can be built on-the-fly. Tracks can be mixed from any album in the library and saved into a playlist.
  • Tracks can be played from ramdisk using an optimized rewrite-data copy process for improved audio quality. 
  • Alchemy automatically manages ramdisk contents to maximize the number of tracks that can be loaded into the available space.
  • Reply Gain can take control HQPlayer volume to provided a consistent volume level across albums and auto-adjusts to prevent clipping. Stores replay gain state information for albums or individual tracks.
  • Color code your albums in library view by sample rate (Black - redbook 44100/16 pcm, Blue - 24 bit pcm or Green - dsd).
  • Add or remove tracks from an active playlist or re-order tracks.
  • Provides a touch friendly tablet interface using remote desktop software.
  • Connect to a remote HQPlayer Desktop on Windows, Mac, Linux or HQPlayer Embedded on Linux.
  • Auto adjusts window size to best fit your display resolution.
  • Shuffle play mode randomly plays through albums based on current album selection filters.
  • Playback directly from cd-rom.
  • Multi Zone support. Up to 8 zones can be configured with separate media libraries and filter maps. Load a custom HQPlayer configuration for a zone.
  • Auto play setting to reduce the number of steps to start playback.

Read the free Getting Started guide.